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Andreea Le Cam

Research Assistant
Integrated Energy Services

Andreea joined the IERC team in July 2019. Her role is to assist in projects on the subject of energy efficiency in buildings.

She has completed her education at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, where she has received both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Building Engineering. During that period, she wrote a thesis about calibrating building energy models using the Building Energy Management System data.

She has previously worked as an Energy Efficiency Engineer with Natural Resources Canada, where she has been involved in the Greening Government Operations, a program which aims to reduce the GHG emissions of the federal government’s buildings. This role provided her with an in-depth understanding of energy and GHG emission policies, energy performance strategies, as well as practical experience in writing technical and high-level executive reports. She has also provided technical support for projects such as Energy Audits and Recommissioning projects.

She has offered support in several H2020 projects (NOVICE, HP4ALL), participated in writing of several proposals for external funding and is presently coordinating the UP-STAIRS project.


To make the electricity market fit for the future, the Clean Energy Package (CEP) strikes a balance between decisions made at EU, national and local levels. While Member States can choose their own energy mix, it must meet commitments to improve energy efficiency and the take-up of renewables by 2030.
Lead: Andreea Le Cam, Pádraig Lyons
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The IERC recognises the contribution of the European Commission through H2020.
Lead: Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons, Lorena Sanchez-Relano, Andreea Le Cam
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SmartSPIN, which is trialling solutions which could potentially remove the split-incentive problem which is resulting in a significant level of untapped energy saving in the commercial rental sector.
Lead: Luciano di Tomassi, Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons
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