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Lorena Sánchez Relano

Research Assistant
Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation

Lorena joined IERC in October 2019 as an intern as part of her master’s programme specialised in Renewable Energies. She was working with the Intelligent Grid theme, giving support specially on the H2020 EU-funded PANTERA project, with topics related to smart grids, energy communities, consumer engagement, market mechanisms and energy policy.

She holds a Master’s and an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Energy Engineering, both by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Prior to join the IERC, she was collaborating in her university as a student researcher performing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the main technologies integrating the Spanish electricity mix. In addition, she was working in a PV energy company in Madrid, with projects of self-consumption and isolated grids in Africa, South America and Middle East and monitoring large PV plants in Spain.

Since July 2021, she is working as a Research Assistant with the Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation theme. She assists in a wide variety of EU-funded projects related to energy efficiency, EU policy and regulation and business models on the energy industry.


UP-STAIRS is a pan-European project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation fund, that is aiming to accelerate the creation of energy communities by developing a practical innovative framework of tools, business models and concepts to support the development of these communities. Energy communities are groups of people that engage in collective action to support energy efficiency or renewable actions in their communities.
Lead: Lorena Sanchez Relano, Pádraig Lyons
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SmartSPIN, which is trialling solutions which could potentially remove the split-incentive problem which is resulting in a significant level of untapped energy saving in the commercial rental sector.
Lead: Luciano di Tomassi, Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons, Lorena Sanchez Relano
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The IERC recognises the contribution of the European Commission through H2020.
Lead: Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons, Lorena Sanchez-Relano
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