About Audit Plus


LIFE AUDIT-PLUS will support Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) with operational groups that can provide technical, financial, regulatory and training support to accompany them in the implementation of cost-efficient energy efficiency measures and meet EU emission reduction goals. By offering comprehensive, structured, long-term support that accompanies the company until the end of the investment process and integrates these lines of action with other technical ones to enhance the competitive edge.

In the AUDIT+ project, we strive to create a comprehensive service that will focus on increasing the efficiency of modernization projects and increasing the use of energy audits in the energy-intensive sector. Our goal is to improve industrial processes to support sustainable and efficient use of energy.

Our goals in the AUDIT+ project

  • Pilot implementation of a comprehensive service complementing the energy audit mechanism implemented as part of a competition addressed to the Energy Intensive Industries (EIIs) targeting pharmaceutical, chemical, and healthcare sector in Ireland, Ceramic sector (floor and wall tiles, bricks and flatware) in Castellon, cold demanding industries from fishing and food processing sectors in Galicia and food processing sector in Poland.
  • Adaptation of available technical and regulatory knowledge and support tools related to the implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures and the production of energy from renewable sources into a form that is easy in practice to be used by the stakeholder.
  • Creation of operational groups that will focus on identifying current gaps and needs that may affect the practical use of energy audits in energy-intensive industries.
  • Creating a platform bringing together decision-makers, associations, technology providers to encourage the improvement of standards and support programs (including financial) aimed at increasing the implementation of investments in the implementation of energy efficiency improvement measures identified in the energy audit process.

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