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Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme to date with almost 5.93 €billion (out of 80 €billion total) dedicated to research in the areas of energy efficiency, low carbon energy, smart cities and communities and other associated topics and instruments. The IERC’s strategic plan includes numerous targets for H2020 funding, which will help grow the centre and deliver scientific, social and economic impact. Currently, the IERC is looking to lead and/or participate in the following areas.

  • EE4-2016/17 New heating and cooling solutions using low grade sources of thermal energy
  • EE7-2016/17 Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT
  • LCE1-2016/17 Next generation innovative technologies enabling smart grids storage and energy system integration with increasing share of renewables: distribution network
  • LCE2-2016 Demonstration of smart grid, storage and system integration technologies with increasing share of renewables: distribution system
  • EE6-2016/17 Behavioural change toward energy efficiency through ICT
  • EE9-2016 Engaging and activating public authorities
  • EE11-2016 Overcoming market barriers and promoting deep renovation of buildings
  • EE24-2016/17 Making the energy efficiency market investible
  • EE25-2016 Development and roll-out of innovative energy efficiency services

The IERC’s EU Programmes Coordinator Martin O’Connell is working with national and international research partners on H2020 submissions in the energy sector and can be contacted for further information and opportunities.


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