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Researcher: Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons, Luciano di Tomassi

Heat pump (HP) technology is considered to be an energy-saving technology and as such calls for efficiency and skills development within the HP sector. IERC is a partner on the EU-funded HP4All project aims to allow improvement of capacity and skills within the HP industry and secure the energy efficiency benefits that HP technology offers.


Researcher: Luciano di Tomassi, Pádraig Lyons, Mazahar Haji-Bashi, Shafi Khadem, Mohamed Balhoul, Brian Norton

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) formerly the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment (DCCAE) has tasked the International Energy Research Centre to deliver a series of papers on energy and climate innovation with a view towards informing policy in key strategic areas of energy for Ireland.


Researcher: Andreea Le Cam, Pádraig Lyons

To make the electricity market fit for the future, the Clean Energy Package (CEP) strikes a balance between decisions made at EU, national and local levels. While Member States can choose their own energy mix, it must meet commitments to improve energy efficiency and the take-up of renewables by 2030.

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The multiple benefits of a Residential Retrofit Renovation Wave in Ireland

Ireland taking early and decisive action is an effective way to influence other countries to also reduce climate changing emissions.

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