Current Research

The IERC’s current research portfolio is below. Information on our completed projects can be found in our projects archive.

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Intelligent Grid


Researcher: Sandipan Patra, Shafi Khadem

To accelerate the decarbonisation of integrated energy systems activities at the national and global levels, conventional homes are being turned into super homes by introducing distributed energy resources (DERs), such as solar PV, Energy Storage, Heat Pump, Electric Vehicle etc. SuHSI's aim is to develop a smart inverter for super homes that can seamlessly include DERs and is also compatible with Irish Low Voltage Distribution Network (LVDN).

Energy in Buildings


Researcher: Maria Lopez Zambrano, Carlos Ochoa

HERIT4AGES is a major European innovation action project. The main objective is to develop validate a set of technical and socially innovative sustainable energy and resource-efficient solutions, for the cost effective improvement and preservation of the cultural heritage buildings.

Energy Informatics


Researcher: Brian O'Regan, Eoin O'Leidhin, Fabio Silva, Karen Mould, Farah Tahir

TIPS4PED is a three-and-a-half-year Horizon Europe project aiming to create a Digital Twin-based Platform for Positive Energy Districts, supporting municipalities in decision-making with evidence-based results. It focuses on environmental sustainability, cost reduction, and a people-centric approach by engaging citizens. The project plans to test and replicate solutions in Turin, Cork, Kozani, and Budapest, contributing to EU 2030 goals with scalable technologies.

Intelligent Grid


Researcher: Shafi K Khadem

FET-EV aims to leverage the integration of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to the Irish smart grid network at a very low cost but with ultra-high fast charging facilities and thus will accelerate the market uptake of BEVs and charging fleets.

Intelligent Grid


Researcher: Shafi K Khadem

EnerFlex presents a holistic, end-to-end local electricity market (LEM) solution for residential customers in the energy community. It aims to develop an open-source market model platform that enables trading energy and multi-flexibility services concurrently.

Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation


Researcher: Luciano De Tomassi, Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons

LIFE-AUDIT-PLUS aims to leverage the available technical and regulatory knowledge and support tools related to the implementation of energy efficiency measures and/or renewable energy generation to create practical and more specific know-how that can be used to improve energy efficiency in energy intensive industries.

Energy in Buildings


Researcher: Brian Norton, Carlos Ochoa, Tianren Chen, Sahar Rostamzad

The Lumisol project aims to develop luminescent devices for daylighting conceived as light shelves that can provide spectral modification.

Intelligent Grid


Researcher: Shafi Khadem, Mohamed Bahloul, Sandipan Patra

COSTORE aims to maximise the value proposition of a collocated PV plant and battery energy storage systems (BESS) to mitigate the impact of dispatch-down events and provide DS3 grid services.

Intelligent Grid


Researcher: Brian O’Regan, Shafi Khadem, Fabio Silva, Farah Tahir, Karen Mould, Eoin O'Leidhin, Mohamed Bahloul, Sandipan Patra,

The TRIDENT consortium has been successful in securing €3.65 million in funding from the Irish Government’s Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund to develop a sustainable sodium-ion smart battery system.

Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation


Researcher: Lorena Sanchez Relano, Pádraig Lyons

UP-STAIRS is a pan-European project, funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation fund, that is aiming to accelerate the creation of energy communities by developing a practical innovative framework of tools, business models and concepts to support the development of these communities. Energy communities are groups of people that engage in collective action to support energy efficiency or renewable actions in their communities.