Data-driven approach for day-ahead System Non-Synchronous Penetration forecasting: A comprehensive framework, model development and analysis

Author(s): Javier Cardo-Miota, Rohit Trivedi, Sandipan Patra, Shafi Khadem, Mohamed Bahloul

Use of molten salts tanks for seasonal thermal energy storage for high penetration of renewable energies in the grid

Author(s): Cristina Prieto, Pablo D. Tagle-Salazar, David Patiño, Julieta Schallenberg-Rodriguez, Padraig Lyons, Luisa F. Cabeza

Analysis of barriers and key enablers toward citizen ESS successful integration

Author(s): Mohamed Bahloul, Rohit Trivedi, Javier Cardo-Miota, Christina Papadimitriou, Venizelos Efthymiou, Alireza Nouri, Shafi Khadem

Optimal dispatch of battery energy storage for multi-service provision in a collocated PV power plant considering battery ageing

Author(s): Mohamed Bahloul, Mohamed Daoud, Shafi K.Khadem

Research priorities in the decarbonisation of buildings

Author(s): Brian Norton

Disaggregating Longer-Term Trends from Seasonal Variations in Measured PV System Performance

Author(s): Chibuisi Chinasaokwu Okorieimoh, Brian Norton, Michael Conlon

Hydrogen in the Irish Energy Transition | Opportunities and Challenges

Author(s): Dr. Luciano de Tomassi, Dr. Padraig Lyons

Comparative simulations of an electrochromic glazing and a roller blind as controlled by seven different algorithms

Author(s): H. Alkhatib, P. Lemarchand, B. Norton, D.T.J. O'Sullivan