Experimental performance evaluation of a convective thermoelectric building envelope for building heating and cooling

Author(s): Xiaoli Liu, Kazuaki Yazawa, Ming Qu, Orkan Kurtulus, Brian Norton, Niall Holmes, Ruchita Jani, Jorge Kohanoff, Lorenzo Stella, Conrad Johnston, Hongxi Yin

Design and Field Implementation of a Hierarchical Control Solution for Residential Energy Storage Systems

Author(s): Mohamed Bahloul, Liam Breathnach, Shafi K.Khadem

Electricity market integration of utility-scale battery energy storage units in Ireland, the status and future regulatory frameworks

Author(s): Mazaher Haji Bashi, Luciano De Tommasi, Padraig Lyons

The Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Nexus in the COVID-19 Context

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Digital Tools for HVAC-Design, Operation and Efficiency Management

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Solar cooking innovations, their appropriateness, and viability

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Role of Aggregator in Coordinating Residential Virtual Power Plant in “StoreNet”: A Pilot Project Case Study

Author(s): Mohamed Bahloul, Mohamed Daoud, Shafi K.Khadem, Liam Breathnach, Jerry Cotter, Aziz Saif

A Data-Driven Short-Term PV Generation and Load Forecasting Approach for Microgrid Applications

Author(s): Rohit Trivedi, Sandipan Patra, Shafi K.Khadem