Our IP Model

IERC Collaborative (Type 2) projects allow for inventor ownership rights on IP. The table below shows this in further detail:

Consideration Requirement for type 2 project
Background IP BIP remains in the ownership of the party submitting it to the project.
Foreground arising In all cases, and without exception, inventing will confer ownership. Rules for deciding access to any FIP arising shall be agreed before the commencement of the project . This will be based on the following rules:

  • All in-balance participants get free of charge non-sub-licenceable licence to use industry owned FIP.
  • Not in-balance participants get favourable terms to licence industry owned FIP.
  • Each project participants pay fair market price (discounted by value of each of the contribution to the project) for RPO (Research Performing Organisation) owned FIP.
Company ownership rights Inventor(s) own – joint ownership between joint inventors will be provided for.

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