The first IERC Conference was held on 17th & 18th May 2012

Objectives for Day 1:

  • Overview four initial IERC collaborative research projects from Industry & RPO’s perspectives
  • Strengthen engagement between Industry & Research Providing Organisations
  • Highlight why the IERC is different – Industry-led & commercially-focused research
  • Theme 1 – Commercial Building Integration of Energy Systems & Energy Storage Systems
  • Theme 2 – Home Area Networks (HAN) to Deliver Energy Reductions
  • Theme 3 – Smart Energy Networks in Factories

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Objectives for Day 2:

  • Illustrate business models as a key tool in maintaining an applied, ….commercial focus to the research for both Industry and RPOs
  • Highlight the two-fold benefits in running business models in parallel to research:
  • Shortening of lead time to commercialisation when technical research is complete.
  • Business model can influence decisions during the research phase resulting in outputs with increased probability of commercialisation and innovation impact for IERC
  • Three case studies presented by Business Information Systems, BIS in UCC
  • Three parallel Business Models Workshops across three research themes on
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Home Area Networks-HAN
  • Factories of the Future
  • Panel Discussion: Q&A Session: Business Models for Energy R&D
  • Key Industry & RPO recommendations for future collaborations

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