On 13th May 2015, the IERC held its fourth annual conference.

The conference themes were:

Session 1: Energy Efficiency First
This session will explore why reducing energy demand is the important first step, and why there remain significant barriers to implementing energy efficiency measures across society. The latest thinking in how to promote energy efficiency investment are presented.

Session 2: The Heat-Power Nexus – Integrated Systems Thinking
The electrification of heat, coupled with the de-carbonisation of electricity, is often presented as a key part of a secure, low carbon energy future. This session examines some of the technologies and innovations that may help to transform the energy system of tomorrow.

Session 3: Next Generation Buildings – Technical challenges and smart solutions
It is possible to design and construct very low energy using buildings, although they often do not live up to design expectations. Some solutions are seen as too expensive to build or retrofit. This session presents some of the emerging technologies and materials that will help to actually deliver the low energy and low carbon buildings of the future.

Session 4: The Internet of Energy Things
The debate will focus on how the Internet of Things will impact the energy sector. From smart meters to cloud control of building services there is a huge opportunity for new ways of customer engagement, business models, performance measurement and feedback – the list goes on. Strong proponents of the IoT see endless opportunity, whereas detractors see risks that outweigh the benefits. Just what is the reality likely to be? How should we forge ahead, and how cautious should we be? This debate will air some of the arguments on both sides, and hopefully shed some light on the intricacies of the next big technology revolution.