EU Projects Zone Podcast: SmartSPIN

IERC colleagues Luciano di Tommasi and Ruchi Agrawal join Areti Ntaradimou on the EU Projects Zone Podcast to talk about SmartSPIN and how this project will deliver a new business model for the energy sector.

This EU-funded project aims to remove the current market barriers to integrating energy efficiency smart services in the commercial rental sector. To succeed, the project is developing a new business model beneficial for all parties involved.

“The new business model is expected to allow both owners and tenants to profit from energy efficiency improvements and flexibility services, redistributing the costs and also the benefits in a more fair and transparent way,” says Luciano.

As for the main target audience of the project, Ruchi says that would be the “landlords and tenants of commercial rated buildings across Europe”. As well as “facility management companies, energy service providers, associations, finance providers, policymakers, etc.”

Listen here to this episode of the EU Projects Zone Podcast to hear from Luciano de Tommasi and Ruchi Agrawal about how SmartSPIN’s business model will integrate the latest advanced smart energy services concepts and technologies available on the market along with other non-energy services.