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Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation
Integrated Energy Systems


Heat pump (HP) technology is considered to be an energy-saving technology and as such calls for efficiency and skills development within the HP sector. IERC is a partner on the EU-funded HP4All project aims to allow improvement of capacity and skills within the HP industry and secure the energy efficiency benefits that HP technology offers. The project brings together a wide range of actors from the supply and the demand sides to increase, develop and promote the desired skills for high-quality HP and to optimise HP installations within residential and non-residential buildings. It will develop a package of different instruments and resources, including an HP Competency Framework to facilitate mutual recognition of HP skills and, from an end-user perspective, an HP Knowledge Hub to deliver support, instructions and tools.

Researchers: Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons, Luciano di Tomassi