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Embedded distribution & Generation Systems


Problem Statement

According to the JRC Smart Grid Projects Outlook, the majority of cooperation takes place between organisations from a limited number of Member States while 15 analysed countries (NO, CH, IE, PL, HU, SK, LT, RO, LV, HR, BG, LU, CY, EE, MT) account for less than 5 % of the R&I funds altogether

Project Objectives

• Identify and establish communication links with R&I stakeholders active in the fields of smart grids, storage and local energy systems in EU-28 countries.

• Build a pan-European multi-functional collaborative platform through which readymade tools will facilitate the collection of real data / results from on-going projects, build a useful shareable data repository (a virtual stakeholders hub), capable of supporting case studies of exploitable results, scenario building and local energy system analysis.

• Develop working groups consisting of stakeholders depending on evolving R&I needs and topics identified in the project for generating results, reports, white papers and offer support where needed.


• Setting up a sustainable and interactive multidimensional platform of Pan European status and influence.

• Developing an innovative top-down and bottom-up approach for effectively identifying the key challenges in accelerating R&I activities in low spending countries.

• Developing knowledge-sharing mechanism that will help identify, discuss and structure the key R&I challenges.

• Delivering through the platform ready-made tools that will facilitate the collection of real data/results from on-going projects, build a shareable data repository, capable of supporting case studies of exploitable results, scenario building and local energy system analysis for interested stakeholders.

Impacts of Research

• Building a true pan European R&I community in the field of smart grids & associated flexibility measures /energy systems.

• Bridging the gaps that currently exist in the energy field in Europe between Member States.

• Establishing new collaborations on a long-term perspective, which have a potential to develop into industrial collaborations.

• Building, in the long-term, solidarity and trust for a well-functioning and resilient panEuropean energy system (e.g. contributing to risk preparedness).


IERC Researchers: Shafi Khadem, Mohamed Bahloul