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CENTS is a disruptive technology platform for the electricity sector where citizens and communities will be empowered with the necessary tools, to trade excess electricity generated in their buildings, earn from doing this and to be an integral part of decarbonizing their homes and communities for sustainable living. CENTS was the only project supported under the Energy, Climate Action and Sustainability priority area in the first-round call. It provides a software solution for a blockchain-enabled cooperative peer-to-peer energy trading platform and proposes necessary hardware requirements and market and regulatory strategies.

Aims of the CENTS project

    • Will allow prosumers to sell their excess energy
    • Will increase sustainable options uptake
    • Will increase energy efficient building stock
    • Will increase detailed knowledge about our building stock
    • Will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
    • Will contribute to reduction or deferral of the need for building new grid infrastructure

Addresses several of the National Strategic Outcomes (NSO):

    • Transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient society (NSO 8)
    • A Strong Economy Supported by Enterprise, Innovation and Skills
      (NSO 5)
    • Compact Growth (NSO 1)
    • Enhanced Regional Accessibility (NSO 2)
    • Strengthened Rural Economies and Communities (NSO 3)

What we would like to see happen in Ireland

    • More investment in sustainable energy options, such as grants and other supports
    • An increase in the export limitations for residential and
      commercial generators (currently this is 6kW for residential and 11kW for commercial) which reduces the potential for trading excess energy generated
    • Reduction in the waiting time for grid connection, which currently is a 5-7 year wait time
    • Streamlined planning for community projects
    • On-the-ground support in the communities to assist in the
      transition to sustainable energy
    • To enable regulations for allowing the use of (some part of) the electricity distribution grid to facilitate local electricity trading
    • The provision of a test bed for research and demonstration of electricity projects in general


IERC Researchers: Brian O’Regan, Fabio Silva, Farah Tahir, Karen Mould, Eoin O’Leidhin, Pádraig Lyons

Website: http://www.centsproject.ie/

Partners: International Energy Research Centre (IERC), University College Cork (UCC), National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Smart MPower, MSemicon, Community Power