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Anup Marhatta

Anup Marhatta
PhD Student Intelligent Grid

Anup joined Tyndall as a PhD student in May 2024. He is conducting research in the field of grid-connected smart inverters with the research topic “Development of Next-generation Consumer-Centric Grid-ready Smart Inverter”.

Prior to joining Tyndall, he worked as an instrumentation and test engineer at Yatri Motorcycles. In this role, he was responsible for designing and testing high-precision data acquisition systems for the instrumentation of vehicle chassis used on test rigs and road load tests. He also developed control systems for pneumatic test rigs.

He completed his Bachelor’s and Master by Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kathmandu University, Kathmandu, Nepal. His research areas include Power Electronic Converters, IoT, and SCADA systems.