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Ruth Mourik

Founder & Partner, DuneWorks
Board Member, International Advisory Board

Ruth Mourik’s aim is to contribute to a just, inclusive and more sustainable world. A world where end-users are more (and more upfront) involved in decisions that impact their lives and where lessons learnt are shared so that upscaling of good practices takes place more effec-tively. Transitions Ruth works on include energy and the circular economy and she focuses on issues such as learning, open innovation, co-creation, multiple value creation, new busi-ness models, changing behaviour, practices and lifestyles, and societal engagement.

In 2010 Ruth founded DuneWorks (www.duneworks.nl). Duneworks is private research ‘for benefit’ organisation specialised in the societal aspects of transitions towards an inclusive and sustainable climate. Ruth has Masters in Anthropology, Sociology, and Society and Technol-ogy Studies (STS), and holds a PhD in systemic technological and societal transition pro-cesses. Previous employers include Maastricht University, Eindhoven Technical University and the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN).