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Dr Subhash Kumar


Dr Subhash Kumar joined IERC in February 2022. He is working in energy systems modeling, innovation and regulations, energy transition and integrated energy systems with techno-economic analysis.

He holds a master’s in energy studies from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and PhD from SMVD University/IIT Delhi in energy systems modeling for the resource allocation and decarbonization of Indian power sector.

Before joining the IERC, he was working as a scientist (energy transition) at Energy Centre, EPFL Lausanne in Switzerland on a project to develop grid infrastructure (electricity and gas) planning for the energy transition of Swiss energy system. Previously, he worked as senior post-doc researcher at FCN, E.ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen University in Germany for more that 7 years before joining EPFL. He worked on various projects (e.g. 4NEMO and KOPERNIKUS-ENSURE) to develop German and European scale energy system models by considering the renewable implementation, decentralized turnaround, grid expansion and smart grid, flexibility options, DSM, P-to-X technologies especially P-to-H2 (green hydrogen) as well as sector coupling (heat and transport sectors). He was also working at INRIA Grenoble in France to develop a transport / land-use / energy / environment model at a local scale. He worked for a short time as a Post-doc researcher at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi to develop ecological footprint scenarios model for electricity and water sector in Abu Dhabi UAE.

He has taught a number of courses in master’s related to renewable energy, energy economics, environment and systems engineering in India and RWTH Aachen University Germany. He supervised 15 matster’s thesis in integrated energy systems modeling, energy-environmental planning and policy, energy economics, low carbon technology assessments, climate change issues, EU-ETS, carbon pricing, etc. by using different approaches in different projects. He has been awarded the Best Researcher Award in 2014 called ‘Social Responsibility/Diversity’ by School of Business and Economics, RWTH Aachen University.

His research interest is diverse and flexible mainly focused on energy policy and regulations, market design, energy transition, building energy systems modeling, energy storage, grid infrastructure, hydrogen economy, e-mobility etc.