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Guy Vekemans

Strategy Coordinator Sustainable Energy for VITO-EnergyVille
Board Member, International Advisory Board

Ir. Guy Vekemans , after starting as an expert on energy in buildings in 1991 at the Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO), Guy became programme manager for the unit Energy Technology at VITO. Since 2010 his focus was on the strategic support of the activities on smart grids and smart cities. In 2016 he was appointed strategy coordinator sustainable energy for VITO-EnergyVille. In this role he is still active today. EnergyVille was initially set up as a common research initiative between the energy research groups of VITO, the University of Leuven and IMEC.
In addition, from 2010 to 2015, Guy was acting as strategy developer for the thematic field “Sustainable buildings and cities” in the EIT InnoEnergy, a European organisation for the introduction of energy innovation.

Since 2017, as business development manager, he also contributes actively to Flux50, the Flemish energy cluster, a network of over 150 industrial companies and research institutes, bringing energy innovations to the market.

Finally he is active as (board) member in several organisations, e.g. Organization Sustainable Energy Flanders (ODE), Benelux Business Roundtable Energy working group, European Energy Research Alliance, Joint Programme Smart Cities.