A comparative analysis of biogas and hydrogen, and the impact of the certificates and blockchain new paradigms

by Karen Mould, Fabio Silva, Shane F. Knott, Brian O'Regan


Solar and wind energy technologies, due to their nature of weather dependency, have been recognized as not the complete solution for the renewable energy transition. Creating a solution for the short fall is empirical if we are to remove the dependency on fossil fuels and reach net zero targets. The production of hydrogen, biogas and other gases can be produced sustainably, which can also allow for the utilization of waste materials or the ability to store energy and allow a greater positive impact on our environment. However, production of these gases is not always as transparent or environmentally friendly as perceived, so with the aid of certification and blockchain, we can create a system that can guarantee their environmentally positive origin, and ultimately help assist the transition to a greener future. This paper explores the varying production methods, with consideration to their environmental impact, and the implications of the use of certificates and blockchain to monitor production, trade and usage.