BIMcpd: A Combined Toolkit for Constraint Checking, Performance Evaluation and Data Management in Building Renovation Projects

by Brian O’Regan, Eoin O’Leidhin, Farah Tahir, Karen Mould, Stephen O’Donovan, Sinead O’Sullivan, Andriy Hryshchenko, Dominic O’Sullivan


Effective and efficient building renovations require significant data management and analysis. The ability to store, analyse, and display this data in a user-friendly way can play an important role in easing the process. The tools developed by authors of this paper during their work in the BIM4EEB research project are contained in three distinct intuitive applications that will allow users to (a) find recommended positions for HVAC, lighting, and other devices; (b) analyse data from sensors, energy bills, and other sources (weather for example); and (c) manage the data that they have on the above and create new data sets that they can share with other tools.

(This article belongs to the Proceedings of The 8th Annual International Sustainable Places Conference (SP2020) Proceedings)