Implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in microgrid control environment: Current progress and future scopes

by Rohit Trivedi, Shafi Khadem


Microgrids are gaining popularity by facilitating distributed energy resources (DERs) and forming essential consumer/prosumer centric integrated energy systems. Integration, coordination and control of multiple DERs and managing the energy transition in this environment is a strenuous task. Classical control techniques are not enough to support dynamic microgrid environments. Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques seems to be a promising solution to enhance the control and operation of microgrids in future smart grid networks. Therefore, this paper briefly reviews the control architectures, existing conventional controlling techniques, their drawbacks, the need for intelligent controllers and then extensively reviews the possibility of AI implementation in different control structures with a special focus on the hierarchical control layers. This paper also investigates the AI-based control strategies in networked/interconnected/multi-microgrids environments. It concludes with the summary and future scopes of AI implementation in hierarchical control layers and structures including single and networked microgrids environments.

Published In: Energy and AI Volume 8, May 2022, 100147