Digital Tools for HVAC-Design, Operation and Efficiency Management

by Teemu Vesanen, Jari Shemeikka, Kostas Tsatsakis, Brian O’Regan, Andriy Hryshchenko, Eoin O’Leidhin, and Dominic O’Sullivan

Abstract: The project BIM4EEB aims also to develop digital tools to support the design, procurement, installation, post-renovation operation, user feedback and profiling of building automation systems for HVAC. This helps supporting decision making, interaction with tenants and owners during the design, construction, and post-renovation operation phases. The development of the tools will be underpinned by a sound methodological approach. Work will include considerations of interoperability with Smart City technology of automation systems for HVAC


Published In: Innovative Tools and Methods Using BIM for an Efficient Renovation in Buildings