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Smart Energy Services and Regulatory Innovation


LIFE-AUDIT-PLUS aims to leverage the available technical and regulatory knowledge and support tools related to the implementation of energy efficiency measures and/or renewable energy generation to create practical and more specific know-how that can be used to improve energy efficiency in energy intensive industries.
LIFE-AUDIT-PLUS will reduce of at least 10% the energy intensity of industrial processes in 82 energy intensive industries involved in the project from pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare sectors (Ireland), ceramic sector (Castellon, Spain), fishing and food processing sector (Galicia, Spain), food processing sector (Poland). The envisaged impacts of the project are:
– Estimated final energy saving of 303.40 GWh/year.
– Deployment of 24.45 GWh/year renewable energy generation
– 66006.78 tCO2eq/year GHG emission reduction
– €69.78m Cumulative investments in sustainable energy
– 2000 market stakeholders trained
– 979 jobs full time jobs created
IERC will lead the implementation of a knowledge hub about energy efficiency measures for energy intensive industries and an integral energy efficiency consultancy service for the same industries. Matchmaking activities between companies of the energy intensive sectors and technology/service providers will also be carried out.

IERC Researchers: Luciano De Tomassi, Ruchi Agrawal, Pádraig Lyons