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Intelligent Grid & Energy Informatics


The TRIDENT consortium, led by University of Limerick academic Dr Tadhg Kennedy, has been successful in securing €3.65 million in funding from the Irish Government’s Disruptive Technology Innovation Fund to develop a sustainable sodium-ion smart battery system. The TRIDENT battery will be a plug-and-play solution that can be installed in a household utility room. The goal is to revolutionise the way households manage their energy by empowering individuals / citizens to take an active role in the energy market.

The TRIDENT project is developing disruptive technology at a hardware level also, with a wireless battery monitoring system and highly efficient inverters allowing for an easy and effective coupling of the sustainable sodium-ion battery to the home and grid. To fully integrate the system for residential energy storage applications, grid interfacing software will be developed in the form of a flexible energy asset controller that will allow households to connect to the electricity grid for a range of grid service applications such as peak shaving and peer to peer trading of energy.

IERC Researchers: Brian O’Regan, Shafi Khadem, Fabio Silva, Farah Tahir, Karen Mould, Eoin O’LeidhinMohamed Bahloul, Sandipan Patra

Partners: Tyndall National Institute, Analog Devices, mSemicon, ICERGi Limited, Glantreo, TisaLabs and Smart MPower. The project has also been fully endorsed by MIDAS, the Industry Association for Microelectronics and Electronic Systems Design in Ireland.