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Aim: COSTORE aims to maximise the value proposition of a collocated PV plant and battery energy storage systems (BESS) to mitigate the impact of dispatch-down events and provide DS3 grid services.


  • Exploring Bottom-up MSP (multi-service provision) Methodology
  • Defining the MSP (DS3 & dispatch down) and PV-BESS plant topology metrics
  • Designing and validating the MSP Online controller and Offline controller
  • Developing state-of-the-art real-time experimental facilities
  • Optimising sizing & system design methodology (combination of technical validation and techno-economic analysis)
  • Value proposition assessment (for the business model and market uptake)

Project Benefits

  • COSTORE will boost the development of novel solutions for PV plants towards achieving ZERO dispatch-down.
  • The deployment of ESS with the PV plant will enhance the flexibility of both assets not only to mitigate dispatch down events but also to participate in DS3 services.
  • The proposed MSP will encourage further participation in the RESS auction.
  • COSTORE will provide a clear idea of the operational and financial aspects of the considered system, hence easing the market uptake solutions.
  • COSTORE will also address business model, barriers, and recommendations for industry stakeholders, policymakers and public bodies for further deployment of these systems.

Project Timeline: May 2022 – May 2025

Funding body: SEAI RD&D programme 2021

Collaborator: Amarenco Solar

IERC Researcher: Shafi Khadem, Mohamed Bahloul, Sandipan Patra

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