Current Research Portfolio

The IERC’s research portfolio is developed through a tiered engagement model.

  1. To provide direction and thought leadership to an emerging new energy sector and its key policy makers (could include links to the IERC responses to recent consultations etc.)
  2. To perform advisory research, feasibility studies and white papers of strategic value to the energy sector and key stakeholders. The IERC can also engage in funding mechanisms including the Innovation Partnership programme and European Programmes including Horizon 2020 to work with industry and research partners.
  3. To co-fund industry led, collaborative research projects capable of developing into the next generation of technologies, products, services and business models to be commercialised for the benefit of the Irish Economy. A maximum of 65% project costs funded by IERC – 3 commercial entities with 1 common significant challenge co-fund 35% of project through a combination of cash and In-kind contributions. The research typically spans TRL 3 to TRL7 (Real world test-bed)
  4. Directly contracted research focused on specific requirements delivering transformative outcomes for industry partners

Project Types

Type 1 Projects

Type 1 projects are projects with Foreground IP (FIP) 100% owned by the researchers working for the IERC. The projects will arise from industry needs to identify programmes of work and roadmaps for the strategic research areas.

Type 2 Projects

Type 2 projects are truly collaborative projects – the RPOs and company personnel work together to complete research. The projects will be funded by both the host and the industrial membership jointly. The initial rate of contribution will be in the ratio of 65%:35% State:Industry, in line with EU State Aid Rules.  Inventor ownership rights on IP.




Research Partners: Insight, NUI Galway, Systemlink, MSemicon, Verbatm, IERC

Description: Electricity sector is transiting through a major infrastructural change where several new business models are being developed. EnerPort is an industry-led collaborative research project that will investigate new market models for peer to peer energy trading. This involves implementing blockchain technology with smart metering and designing and demonstrating of residential hardware and software platforms in the Power Electronics Research Centre laboratory in NUI Galway. It will develop a new software tool for the co-simulation of electricity distribution networks and blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading. This project also aims to address the key challenges around these hardware and software requirements and protocols, as well as issues around markets, regulations and policy.

Community Grid / cPAD (T2 Project)

Research Partners: Dublin Institute of Technology, IERC
MPower, Siemens, AT Kearney, South Dublin County Council, Community Renewable Energy Supply (CRES), Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA), MSemicon and Systemlink


ImpRESS (T2 Project)

Research Partners: Queens University Belfast
Bombardier, Williams Industrial Services, Flow Energy Solutions, Energia, Green Lizard Technologies


StoreNet (T2 Project)

Research Partners: Solo Energy, Electric Ireland, ESB Networks, IERC

Description: The StoreNet project aims to demonstrate the potential of distributed demand-side storage within the Irish residential market.


NOVICE (H2020 Project)

Research Partners: IERC as coordinator and NL Green Solutions in Ireland, alongside international partners. The IERC recognises the contribution of the European Commission through H2020.

Description: The aim of the NOVICE project is the development and demonstration of an innovative business model for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that will provide energy savings to buildings and demand response services to the grid after renovating buildings or blocks of buildings. A dual revenue stream will be enabled that can reduce the payback period for investments in building renovations and accelerate the market uptake of the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) based financing model.


Superhomes 2.0 (T2 Project)

Research Partners: INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS: ESB Group and Tipperary Energy Agency.

ACADEMIC PARTNER: Limerick Institute of Technology.

Description: The optimisation of Air Source Heat Pump Applications in Near Zero Energy Building Residential Retrofits.


GreenGasCert (T2 Project)

Research Partners: INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS: Gas Networks Ireland and the Renewable Gas Forum of Ireland.

ACADEMIC PARTNER(S): Deutsche Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ),Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) and Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI) at University College Cork.

Description: This Certification of Renewable Gas in Ireland (GreenGasCert) project involves the development of a blueprint for a renewable gas certification system for Ireland.


ExpertMV (T2 Project)

Research Partners: INDUSTRY PARTNERS: Apleona (formerly Bilfinger) and United Technologies Research Centre.


Description: An Expert Energy Measurement and Verification Solution for Energy Savings in Buildings and Industries (ExpertMV) that involves the development of a software tool for executing energy audits and for measuring and verifying achieved energy savings. The project will support the energy services sector and help address opportunities for increased energy efficiency.



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