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Intelligent Grid
Embedded distribution & Generation Systems


Aim: Maximise clean energy penetration from grid-connected micro-generation systems through the development of community based microgrid solutions with special focus on consumer/prosumer engagement to empower energy citizens.


  • Identify the most suitable microgrid architectures to maximise the clean energy penetration from the prosumer end.
  • Identify the local energy markets framework for the smart communities with consumers’ active participation.
  • Identify innovative integration mechanisms for PV, EV, ESS, HP in microgrid structures.

Project Outcomes:

  • Designing of microgrid structures for intelligent communities
  • Integration and control of DERs in MiFIC
  • Local Energy Market framework for the MiFIC
  • Modelling the MiFIC with LEM
  • Real-time performance study

IERC Researchers: Shafi Khadem, Sandipan Patra

Conference Presentation: Peak Demand Management and Schedule Optimisation for Energy Storage through the Machine Learning Approaches


Journal articles

  • Title: Community-Based Microgrids: Literature Review and Pathways to Decarbonise the Local Electricity Network
    • Authors: Rohit Trivedi, Sandipan Patra, Yousra Sidqi, Benjamin Bowler, Fiona Zimmermann, Geert Deconinck, Antonios Papaemmanouil and Shafi Khadem
    • Link: https://doi.org/10.3390/en15030918
  • Title: Implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in microgrid control environment: Current progress and future scopes
  • Title: A Data-Driven Short-Term PV Generation and Load Forecasting Approach for Microgrid Applications