NOVICE Project Webinar: Combining Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Flexibility

Combining Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Flexibility using new Energy Performance Contracting Schemes



Mon 16 April 2018

12:00 – 13:00 UTC



Is it possible to combine Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Services in a way that is profitable? In this webinar we will explain the fundamentals of Demand Side Response and address the question of how it can be integrated with energy efficiency measures to provide flexible grid balancing services whilst generating additional revenue for building owners. We will review the status of Energy Performance Contracting in the EU, including the current benefits and challenges offered by a traditional EPC model. Finally we will present the business case for a new EPC model that we are developing as part of the NOVICE project, which combines revenues from Energy Efficiency and Demand Response services.


Part 1: Introduction: Energy Performance Contracting (EPC): Current Status and challenges – Christof Amann

Part 2: Novel potential for EPC: Demand Flexibility, what is it, why use it, how to benefit? – Mircea Bukur

Part 3: The NOVICE model – An integrated solution to the above questions – Jo Southernwood

Part 4: QnA



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