IERC Conference 2019

The Theme of the Conference is “Enhancing Success in Energy Research – Mind Space to Market Place”

Session 1: The Need for Energy Research and Innovation

Session 2: Mind Space to Demonstration – Determining the Commercial Potential of an Idea

Session 3: Demonstration to Market Place – Progressing from Prototype to Commercialisation

Session 4: Panel discussion: Delivering on Ideas: The Industry Perspective

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Our Confirmed Speakers are as follows:

Here is a list of our Confirmed Speakers and panelists

  • Professor Tony Day, Executive Director, IERC.
  • Guy Vekemans,  Strategy  Coordinator Sustainable Energy, VITO
  • Mark Foley, Chief Executive, EIRGRID
  • Jim Gannon,  Chief Executive  Officer, SEAI
  • Peter Klusener, Senior Process Development Chemist, SHELL
  • Andrea Costa, Managing Partner,  R2M Solutions
  • Caroline Milne, Director of Marketing and Communications, Joule Assets
  • Victoria Burrows,  Head of Advancing Net Zero,  World Green Building Council
  • Sophie McComb, Green Lizard Technologies
  • Joshua New, Chief Executive Officer, TUNATION
  •  Kirsten Rock, Senior Vice President Operations, LO3 Energy
  • John McKiernan,  Head of External Collaboration, Electricity Supply Board
  • Mark Bennett,  Country Manager, Talent Garden
  • Felicia Federico,  Executive Director, California Centre for Sustainable Communities at UCLA
  • Derek Roddy,  Director, CLIMOTE
  • Joe Borza, Chief Executive, Energy Elephant
  • Sarah Jane Larkin, Director General, IVCA
  • Brendan Murphy, Commercial & Regulatory Director, ERVIA
  • Mai SantaMaria,  Head of Financial Advisory team,  Department of  Finance
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