Launch of Irish Government’s Energy White Paper

The International Energy Research Centre (IERC) welcomes the publication the Irish Government’s Energy White Paper which sets out the policy for the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy system.

We welcome the recognition in the White Paper of the role of energy research and its commitment to a greater deployment of sustainable energy initiatives and technology. A number of new low carbon technologies are expected to enable this transition and the IERC supports the actions aimed at encouraging the development of new transition technologies.

The Government’s commitment to continuing its investment in energy R&D is an underpinning feature of the White Paper and the resulting innovation and enterprise opportunities have the potential to deliver significant and sustained benefits to the economy.
The recommendations concerning the role of energy citizens in this transition and the establishment of an Energy forum to guide implementation are positive developments.

The IERC is eagerly awaiting launch of the Government’s energy research strategy and our role in facilitating the delivery of the solutions that can aid the transition.

Posted in News by Forza on 17th December 2015