Green Gas Certification EOI Call June 2016

Launch of IERC Call on Green Gas Certification

The IERC invites Expressions of Interest from Research Investigators to participate in an IERC T2 collaborative research project.  A consortium of industry partners has identified a significant research project.  Project outcomes and an outline project definition has been agreed with the industry consortium which defines what is needed.  The lead PI once selected will be required to work collaboratively with Co-PI’s, the industry consortium and the IERC to complete a detailed project plan and full costing to detail how it will be achieved.  The combined plan will be subject to internal and external financial and technical review.   

The IERC has analysed the agreed primary project outcomes and the outline project definition with an industry consortium that will co-resource the project through Cash and In Kind Contributions.   The primary outcomes of the project have been scoped to a level that allows the identification of a comprehensive list of the competencies.

The aim of the research project as has been identified by a consortium of industry stakeholders is the development of a credible and complete Green Gas Certification Scheme. The particular objectives to be addressed from the implementation of the project are:

  • The development of a robust methodology (that considers different feedstocks/ processes and potentially end uses) for calculating and accounting for GHG emissions savings from renewable gas and is compatible with international best practice and EU legislation.
  • The determination of the relevant specifications required to independently quantify and certify the carbon savings associated with using renewable gas by having a fully traceable and auditable guarantee of origin and validation of greenhouse gas savings.
  • The description of the structure for an accreditation / certifying body that will adopt and implement robust methodologies for registering and certifying renewable gas producers and the carbon credits
  • The description of the appropriate mechanism, methods and processes of accounting for the carbon credits which will connect in a credible manner the Green Gas certificates with the ETS (e.g. can ETS companies off set the need for purchasing carbon credits by procuring green gas certificates? Can the certificates be transacted or traded separately to the gas? How can this system comply with the current rules of the ETS and be of value to ETS Companies?)
  • The investigation and determination of an appropriate support scheme for renewable gas to grid that can stimulate investment in renewable gas projects.

The call was launched on 24th June and will close at 5pm on Friday the 12th August 2016.

For full details regarding research scope, eligibility and challenge areas please review the call document here. Word version available hereClarifications on any questions arising during the call period will be made available via the FAQ document here.

Applicants are invited to register their interest in this call and to submit a completed EOI form by emailing:

To make a submission, please email a fully completed and signed copy of the EOI form to by the deadline of the 12th August.  We also require the original signature page to be posted to the address below (this may be submitted post-deadline):

International Energy Research Centre (IERC)
Tyndall National Institute
Lee Maltings, Dyke Parade, Cork, Ireland

For details on working with the IERC please see the following link: ‘Working with Us’

The IERC reserves the right to make amendments to the documents if required. Please ensure that you are referring to the most recent version of the call document and FAQs prior to submission. 



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